State Licenses

State License Number License Type Regulated Text Disclosures
Alabama 21963 Consumer Credit License
Arizona 0929916 Mortgage Banker License
Arkansas 105244 Mortgage Banker
California 603H785 Finance Lenders Law License (Lender)
Colorado 129122 Mortgage Company Registration
District of Columbia MLB129122 Mortgage Dual Authority License
Florida MLD1353 Mortgage Lender
Idaho MBL-8322 Mortgage Broker/Lender License
Indiana Mortgage Lender's License
Iowa 2015-0037 Mortgage Banker
Kansas MC.0025245 Mortgage Company License
Louisiana 2801 Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maryland 19945 Mortgage Lender License
Montana 129122 Mortgage Lender
Nebraska NE129122 Mortgage Bankers
New Mexico 129122 Mortgage Loan Company License
North Dakota MB102446 Money Broker License
Ohio RMLA Certificate of Registration
Ohio GL.501978.000 Mortgage Loan Act Certificate of Registration
Ohio MBMB.850264.000
Oklahoma ML010021 Mortgage Lender
South Carolina MLS - 129122 Mortgage Lender
South Dakota ML.05067 Mortgage Lender License
Tennessee 121857 Mortgage License
Texas 129122 Mortgage Banker Registration
Utah 8422458 Mortgage Entity License
Virginia MC-5646 Mortgage Lender
Washington CL-129122 Consumer Loan License
Wyoming 2367 Mortgage Lender/Broker License